Frankie Rodriguez & Joe Serafini Dish On Disney's LGBTQ Love Song 'In a Heartbeat'

Frankie Rodriguez and Joe Serafini shared one of the sweetest scenes on the latest episode of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series!

The on-and-off screen couple’s characters were going through a bit of a rough patch after Spring Break, and Carlos ends up writing a song with Ricky to express his feelings to Seb.

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Frankie gets his first solo, with backup vocals from Joshua Bassett, with “In a Heartbeat,” and shares a dance during the number with Joe. They also wear the same suits from the Homecoming episode in season one!

“First of all, getting to watch Frankie have his first big solo on the show is just so beautiful. He did such a beautiful job!” Joe told EW. “And we got to dance together and I think the way that they designed it visually is just so gorgeous.”

“Fun fact, the director of that episode, Joanna Kerns, is actually the person who directed our ‘Homecoming’ episode back in season 1 when Carlos and Seb first interacted with each other in a romantic setting,” he added. “So it was really special to share that with her and go back to those Homecoming suits and that moment when they first set eyes on each other.”

“It was very different for us. We are usually just the happy couple and we’re there to help the story move along in a fun comedic way,” Frankie added. “But I think that’s why it’s even more touching because you’ve seen these characters in an almost bubble, they’re always just having a good time. So to see what the actual workings of the relationship are and where they have their trouble [and their differences].”

“It’s so relatable because especially when you’re in that new relationship zone, you’re going through that like, ‘Oh my gosh, what is this? These are emotions!’ [Laughs] To get the challenge as an actor to play that was a lot of fun,” Frankie said.

“Now that people are seeing the show, something that we filmed so long ago, it means a lot. It’s very special and I hope that people are able to connect with it,” he continued. “I’m just hoping that this is like a blueprint for what else is to come and what else they can explore and what they’ll do. To be the first, it’s kind of crazy! I just love that we actually got to see them as a couple this year.”

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