'Raven About Bunk'd' Cast Dish on Crossover In Behind-The-Scenes Exclusive

The casts of Raven’s Home and Bunk’d are getting fans excited for the upcoming crossover special Raven About Bunk’d!

In this new, exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette, the cast of the crossover share why fans are going to love this special and what they can expect from everyone coming together.

We also spoke to the young stars and found out their own favorite summer or summer camp memories!

In Raven About Bunk’d, Raven, Chelsea, Booker, Nia, Levi and Tess set out on a long road trip to Maine’s Camp Champion, but a GPS glitch sends them off course to Camp Kikiwaka, a place with an uncertain future even for those who can catch a glimpse of the future.

While Raven and Chelsea hunt for Maine lobster, the kids make arts and crafts and develop feats of engineering, and then set out to find the camp’s infamous “Snipe” in Moose Rump’s Forbidden Forest.

The adventure also includes celebrity piglets, hidden tunnels and a musical performance, as the newcomers forge a camaraderie with Lou, Noah, Ava, Destiny, Gwen, Finn and Matteo – and set out to own the summer.

Tune in to Raven About Bunk’d THIS Friday (July 24) at 8pm ET/PT on Disney Channel and DisneyNOW!

‘Raven About BUNK’D’ Crossover Special | BTS Featurette

Click inside for the cast’s favorite summer memories…

Israel Johnson (Noah)

“I remember when I was about three years old living in Philadelphia, we would have family cookouts and it was my favorite thing ever. They would cook the best burgers.”

Issac Ryan Brown (Booker)

“My favorite summer memory was when I went camping with my Dad in our backyard. We had a huge tent, sleeping bags, flashlights, and an outdoor barbecue with roasted s’mores! It was fun because I got to go camping and spend some quality time with my Dad.”

Jason Maybaum (Levi)

“My favorite summer memory is when I spent the 4th of July at a lake in Virginia and then I was able to visit the White House and Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.”

Mallory James Mahoney (Destiny)

“One of my favorite summer memories is when I was about five years old, we got a new dog Botticelli, and since we had just gotten her we decided to take her with us on our summer vacation to the beach. Well, on one of the mornings we just arrived at the beach and my dad was busy getting stuff out of the car, so he asked me to hold onto her leash. Keep in mind I’m really small for 15, so when I was five I was extremely small. I was standing there with her and next thing I know Botticelli sees a seagull and decides to start chasing it. I was so scared of her running away and us not being able to find her that I would not let go of that leash. She dragged me all the way down the beach!”

Navia Robinson (Nia)

“My favorite summer memories are with my brothers and childhood neighbors. As soon as summer break began, our days consisted of running around the neighborhood and creating obstacle courses with hula hoops, old tires, jump ropes, pool noodles, and any other odd thing that we could find in our garages. We would play games like catch the flag throughout the day up until dark, then we’d return home and do it all again the next day! Such awesome memories!”

Raphael Alejandro (Matteo)

“One of my favorite summer memories is when my family and I used to travel from Vancouver, BC, Canada to L.A by car. We did that every year around summer time. Usually, we used to take the I-5, but once, my dad decided to go down through the Pacific coast. It took us 4 days to reach L.A instead of 2. I was about 7 years old. We were passing over a bridge on top of a river and we saw people swimming and having fun. That made my dad nostalgic from when he was a kid in Panama, and he decided to stop at the river so we could experience the same thing too. I never knew that I could actually swim in a river, so when I finally jumped in, it was one of the most exciting experiences I’ve ever had in my life so far. After I had a blast in the river with my sister and my brother, we stopped by a place called Morro Bay, which has this huge rock, and we ate the most delicious ice cream from a local shop while sitting on a bench overlooking the sunset. I really enjoyed that day very much.”

Scarlett Estevez (Gwen)

“My favorite thing I did at summer camp was overcome my fear of heights. I pushed myself to climb the 30-foot rock wall and I loved it.”

Shelby Simmons (Ava)

“I’ve never been camping but my favorite summer time memory was when I was playing a series of intense games of basketball in the middle of the night with my family. Our two teams were tied and at the very last second, we scored the winning shot that made my team champions!! It was pretty epic!”

Sky Katz (Tess)

“My favorite summer memory is this summer: having s’mores at the campfire in our backyard, listening to music and sitting with our family and 3 dogs.”

Will Buie, Jr. (Finn)

“I went to a week-long sleepaway summer camp in North Georgia when I was 10. My favorite memory from camp was tubing on the lake, and getting lost on a hike with the new friends I made. “

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