Ariana Grande Is Actually The Reason Why Scooter Braun Signed Demi Lovato!

Scooter Braun signed on to manage Demi Lovato back in 2019, but did you know it was Ariana Grande who actually convinced him?

It was revealed in a new feature for the New York Times that the 27-year-old “Rain On Me” Grammy winner told him he had to sign the 28-year-old entertainer.

“I saw that she was scared, like, no one’s going to take me on,” Scooter shared. “I asked Ariana’s opinion and she said, ‘Let me go to coffee with her.’ And by the time she got home, she texted me: ‘You have to take her on, this is my friend. I want to know she’s safe.’”

Demi announced on May 11, 2019 that she signed with Scooter to be her new manager, after leaving her previous, longtime management team.

Scooter, who also manages Ariana, Justin Bieber and more, has previously opened up about actually not wanting to sign Demi at first.

Now, Demi and Ariana recently teased the definitive possibility of a long-awaited collaboration, and it will in fact be featured on Demi‘s just announced new album, Dancing With The Devil… The Art of Starting Over.

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